Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Training Hike: Bear Canyon Trail-Coronado National Forest

View at the beginning of Bear Canyon Trail
There are some really unique hikes in southern Arizona that you will not find anywhere else.  One popular local area is Sabino Canyon Recreation Area in the Coronado National Forest, which includes Bear Canyon Trail (aka:  Seven Falls Trail), Sabino Canyon Trail and many others.  Sabino is only 30 minutes from downtown Tucson and therefore very popular with locals - up to 1.25 millions visitors a year.  These trails also connect to Mt. Lemmon and the Santa Catalina Mountains.  It is possible to hike through several different eco-zones; from lowland deserts up into the "sky island" forests of pine, fir and spruce trees.  This is the elevation equivalent of hiking from Mexico to Canada.  What a great way to train for an ACTUAL Mexico to Canada PCT thru-hike!

PCT Northern Terminus

PCT Northern Terminus
On September 30, 2012 I reached the Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Thanks to everybody who supported and followed my journey. It was a life-changing experience!