PCT Gear List

One of the benefits of a long-distance hike like this is the simplicity and freedom of the unending path that simply requires you to wake-up when the sun rises and walk through nature until the sun sets, and then do it all again the next day.  My dad's favorite observation of Americans is that we are "brains-on-a-stick" which I think is one way to describe a symptom of the culture of this country, the need to monetize and categorize and sort everything into lists.  For those of us whose daily lives revolve around Outlook calendars and daily to-do lists, switching off the thinking/planning/micro-managing brain and spending your days contemplating nature and your place in it can be difficult.  But this is exactly what I am looking for; a long trail, an immersion into nature, time to contemplate, let go, recharge and become whole.

Regardless, some planning is necessary as I am not foolish enough to think I can walk into the woods with a loaf of bread and jam wrapped in a hanker-chief and survive, and I do admit that the planning process is a good learning opportunity for me and may assist others in their planning.  The key is not to over-plan and thus cut your experience short.  The same goes with tracking every day's mileage, speed and hiking time, etc... while on the trail.   I believe the obsessive culture of "bagging daily miles" prevailing in long-distance hiking is diminishing people's experience of being in the moment, in nature.

In that spirit, here is my gear list.

Base Pack Weight (oz's)
Osprey Exos 58 Pack 40.21
Marmot Sawtooth 15 degree sleeping bag and Stuff Sac 51.82
TartTent "Notch" 1 person tent 26.17
Tyvek Ground Cloth 4.30
Sleeping Pad - ThermaRest NeoAir Xlite Regular 13.26
ThermaRest Trekker Pillow Case 2.01
Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter + Filter Bags 6.31
Small 4x6 Vinyl Covered Journal and Pen 4.44
GSI Outdoors "Pinnacle Soloist" Titannium Pot and Plastic Lid 7.55
MSR Stove 4.83
Ultra-Sil Medium Pack Cover 3.77
Advenuture Medical Kits First Aid Kit - UltraLight (customized) 3.70
50 feet 550 rope 3.60
Black Diamond Headlamp 3.25
Small Plastic Shampoo Bottle - Full 2.96
North Face Gloves 2.79
GSI Outdoors Mug 2.50
Bandanna 1.20
REI Nylon Underwear - Extra Pair 2.47
Marmot 800 Down Jacket (Puff Layer) 15.13
Mountain Hardware Waterproof rain jacket with hood 12.73
Patagonia Capilene Polyester Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt 7.87
Patagonia Capilene Polyester Base Layer Bottoms 6.21
Wool Socks - Extra Pair 2.40
Mountain Hardware Polyester Windstopper Hat 2.26
Wilderness Press Pacific Crest Trail Guide Book (per section) & Halfmile's Maps 9.38
MSR Medium Size Pack Towel 1.59
Banana Boat Sunscreen, SPF 30 - 1 fl oz 1.38
Collapsable 2-inch pocket knife 1.31
Platypus 1L Collapsible Water Bottle 1.31
Platypus 2L Collapsible Water Bottle 1.27
Osprey 3-Liter Water Reservoir 12.45
spare triple-A batteries for Headlamp 1.23
Iodine Water Purification - Emergency 1.16
GSI Outdoors Nylon bag for pot and bowl 1.09
Sunnto Compass and Lanyard 1.06
Roll Toilet Paper (1/3 roll) 0.99
MSR Small Stuff Sac for stove, pot, spork, and Propane 0.95
Mosquito Net 0.95
Spark Rod (fire backup) 0.95
Waterproof Dry Sac for Down Jacket and camera 0.95
Band-Aid Friction Block anti-blister 0.88
Sawyer Maxi-Deet Insect Repellent - 0.5 fl oz 0.88
Liner Socks - Extra Pair 1.59
Vaseline soaked cotton balls in tin foil in zip lock bag 0.74
Signal Mirror - Emergency 0.67
Pocket Laundry Wash - 50 leaves 0.56
Small Toothbrush 0.49
Mini Bic Lighter 0.39
GSI Outdoors Plastic Spork 0.32
JOBY GorillaPod TriPod 1.62
Ipod Nano + Headphones 1.20
Camera-Canon S100 with extra battery and charger, 3 cards and case 12.20
Total (oz's) 293.34
Total (lbs) 18.33
Clothes Worn
Brooks Cascadia 7's Trail Running Shoes (for desert) 26.24
Ex-Officio Hiking Pants (zip-offs) 10.16
REI Nylon Boxers 2.47
Arc'Teryx Polyester/Polypropelene long-sleeve shirt 4.30
Wool Socks 2.40
Liner Socks 1.59
Dirty Girl Gaiters 1.02
Suncloud Sunglasses with strap 0.99
Bison Cloth Belt 2.82
Columbia Omni-Shade wide brim hat 3.00
Trekking Poles - Black Diamond - Alpine Carbon Cork 17.64
Total (oz's) 72.63
Total (lbs) 4.54
Sierra and Fuel
Ice Axe - Black Diamond Raven Pro (65 cm) 15.10
Bear Vault - BV500 41.00
Kathoola Micro-Spikes TBD
Snow Peak GigaPower Isobutane/Propane 8.29
Total (oz's) 64.39
Total (lbs) 4.02
Grand Total (oz's) 430.35
Grand Total (lbs) 26.90


  1. Hi Russ,
    I will be thru-hiking the PCT too next year. I read your post to pct-l about pack weight and totally agree with you as far as featherweight packs are concerned. Total pack weight is also one of my main concerns these days. A lot of head scratching involved.
    By the way, I am French, name Philippe, and I also have a blog (pacificcresttrail2012.blogspot.com).
    Looking forward to seeing you on the trail. Happy holidays, and happy hiking!

  2. Likewise Philippe. I love your blog even though I cannot well in french. I have to rely on my 2 years of french from Junior High school! Good luck with your planning and see you in the spring!


PCT Northern Terminus

PCT Northern Terminus
On September 30, 2012 I reached the Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Thanks to everybody who supported and followed my journey. It was a life-changing experience!