Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 1 - ADZKO (Annual Day Zero Kick Off)!

Day 1
April 26, 2012
Miles:  20
Total Miles:  20

Today was a good day!  After starting at Campo under windy and rainy skies at 7:30 AM, I hiked the full 20 miles to Lake Moreno by 4:30 PM.  I think my feet and knees were just about at their limits as I could have stopped after 15 miles in.  It was a brutal descent and climb out of Hauser Creek to complete the day.  I have two or three days to heal and let my feet strengthen at the Kick Off Event at Lake Moreno.  My feet suffered only the start of two minor blisters between the big toe and the second toe, on both feet.  I have a big, big toe and this area always rubs on long walks.  I used moleskin at the half-way point to protect it from further blistering - worked like a charm.

I hiked near a woman named Gypsy Girl for much of the hike, but skipped around with the group as people rested and took breaks through-out the day.  I met Jeff Kish who blew past me midway through the hike...I had chatted with him online before the hike and had hoped to meet up with him at some point.  He had a light pack and was making quick progress.  Later I learned he had already been to Lake Moreno and was free of his tent and a few other items on this days hike.  At Lake Moreno I met others I knew only by their name and Facebook profile picture:  Kolby "Condor" Kirk and Andrew Schleff.  After arriving in Lake Moreno I shared a campsite with a great group of younger hikers - Laura, Bryce, Christy and others. 

View of Lake Moreno coming in from Campo

On a walk with Andrew back from the local store, a great couple pulled us over to their RV and fed us pork burritos and beer!  The Trail Magic on this trail continues to amaze me.  Another mis-step:  I forgot to pick up the two cannisters stoves I had reserved from Scout/Frodo that was going to get me through the first week on the trail.  Instead, I found a few at KO without any trouble.  The organization at KO was fantastic.  Everybody there - 2012 thru-hikers, past thru-hikers, trail angels and all others put on an incredible event and made sure we were all taken care of.  This amazing community has come together send us off in style on our five month walk to Canada!

Saturday Dinner of Burgers, Potato Salad and Brownies!


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