Thursday, May 3, 2012

Days 4 and 5 - Mt. Laguna

Day 5
April 30, 2012
Miles:  17
Total Miles:  59

Tonight I setup camp near Sunrise Trailhead at approx. mile 59.5.  The camping is in a field next to a water spigot powered by solar cells.  Apparently, the solar power draws up water from a well beneath.  There are numerous other campers here tonight including Mike(Just Retired) who I shared a campsite with at KO.

I hiked mostly on my own today and enjoyed the solitude.  Scenery north across the desert was amazing! (trying to post video to this blog but having technical difficulties...)  The scenery changes everyday and even several times a day so it's exciting to see what's next.  There are approximately 3 more days hiking to Warner Springs where I will resupply at the Community Center in town.  My feet and legs are strong - feet are sore but no blisters after the initial two small blisters on Day 1.  The left knee that was concerning me is giving me no trouble now.  I am trying to do some stretches each night to keep the joints flexible but i am more likely to just lay down and crash after a long day of hiking.  Since Warner Springs is closed besides the post office and community center, it looks like Julien is the place to take a zero day.  I may or may not do that.  My clothes need to be washed and a shower would be really nice, but not essential.  After four days without a shower, I am learning to embrace being dirty and smelly.  After a few days you just don't pay attention anymore - an interesting transition from a daily shower habit.  I'm sure I will test my limits of cleanliness this summer more than once.

Yesterday, Day 4, I camped at Mt. Laguna at the Burnt Rancheria Campground.  There was a group of us including Magellan and Breeze, Pekka (Oreido?) and the orignal group that I started off with out of Lake Moreno.  The campsites were $20/night but can include up to 8 people per site.  The father of another hiker booked two sites in advance and refused reimbursement when I offered.  Another example of trail magic. 

View of the desert from Mt. Laguna
Dinner last night was a beef burrito from the Mt. Laguna store, and dinner tonight was dehydrated chicken burritos and rice (burritos seem to be a theme so far...)  I am saving the Bananna Pudding desert from Mountain House for another day.  Weather is sunny but not too warm - the Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag is keeping me cozy at night - almost too warm!

Hikers taking a break at the Mt. Laguna store

Desert Wildflowers


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PCT Northern Terminus

PCT Northern Terminus
On September 30, 2012 I reached the Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Thanks to everybody who supported and followed my journey. It was a life-changing experience!