Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 68 to 70 - Sonora Pass to Carson Pass

July 2 - July 4
Days 68-70
Miles:  23+21+22
Total Miles:  1084

Camping at Shower Lake on 4th of July
Yankee Son, Hallmark, Just Retired and I got a ride to the trailhead this morning from John.  John was section hiking the PCT and was giving rides to/from Sonora Pass.

This next section is relatively flat and my plan is to do it in three and a half days, and then hitch to Lake Tahoe from Echo Lake on July 5th, and then take a zero.  On July 2nd I made it to a campground by Wolf Creek at mile 1041 camping with YS, HM, JR and two others - Scarecrow and Garrik.  Scarecrow is still sick.  I passed him on the trail today and he looked quite sick and said he may have giardia.

July 3rd was an un-memorable day of hiking - some cool volcanic sections but otherwise nothing to report.  On July 4th I made it to Carson Pass before the rest and was met with a seat, fresh cherries and apples and water at the Carson Pass Visitor Center!  The workers at the center were amazingly nice and even offered cookies someone had baked and brought to work!  The rest showed up soon enough and enjoyed the magic.  In addition, they told us we could see the Tahoe fireworks from a lake only 4.5 miles down the trail at Shower Lake!

After arriving at the campsite at Shower Lake we enjoyed a nice fire and then climbed up on some boulders to get the best view of Tahoe and the fireworks.  The local radio station broadcast the music sequence which I was able to pick up with my iPod.  As we watched, someone brought up the fact that we were very likely the only people watching the show from a mountain lake - all others were down by the lake staking out and elbowing into their small plots hours in advance and enduring people and dogs and children running over their beach blankets in the sea of humanity that converges on Lake Tahoe during The Fourth of July.  I was happy to be at this lake on this trail.  Life is good!

Views from Shower Lake

Just Retired leading Y.S. and H.M. up toward Carson Pass


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PCT Northern Terminus

PCT Northern Terminus
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