Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 81 - Donner Ski Ranch and the P. Grubb Hut

July 15
Day 81
Miles:  22
Total Miles:  1162

View of Donner Lake and Old HWY 40

Today I pushed hard to get to Old Highway 40 - Donner Pass - for lunch.  Just a half mile down the road at the pass is the Donner Ski Ranch serving sandwiches, beer and ice-cream.  As I arrived I see others sun-bathing on the deck - Peels, Beef Nugget, Mellow Yellow and others.  Once inside I met a group of hikers I had hiked with back in the Sierra for several days
- Rapunzel, Quest, Last on the Bus and Power Nap.  I learn that they had taken three days off in Reno and stayed at Harrah's when I was there.  Now at Donner Pass, they had been here enjoying the afternoon for several hours already.

Peter Grubb Hut
At the bar, I struck up a conversation with a man named Ted and he bought me a beer!  The restaurant also offered a free beer or soda with purchase to any thru-hikers.  The girl behind the bar was the only one working and she took our orders one at a time - cheesesteak and french fries was the popular choice.

Leaving three hours later, I passed Quest and Last on the Bus just a half mile down the trail at spot over-looking the pass, the lake and a large train tunnel dug in the conservation era but now abandoned.  Quest offered me a hit from his joint and I accepted.  The effects of marijuana very by person, but to me on this occasion it only gave me cotton-mouth and made me hungry again!  Why hikers smoke weed on the trail so much I still cannot say.  I will sometimes accept a smoke when it's being passed around, but more often now I am regretting smoking marijuana.

Inside Peter Grubb Hut
I made it to the P. Grubb hut at mile 1162.  This hut was built in the 50's in recognition of a 19 year old kid who died in the wilderness of sun exposure.  It has two wood-burning stoves and an upstairs loft where I slept.  Designed for skiers in snow conditions, it also serves hikers during summer months - one of the few shelters on the PCT.  I shared the accommodations with Quest, LB, Fall Risk, Rapunzel and Power Nap.


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PCT Northern Terminus
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