Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 82 to 84 - Sierra City

July 16 - July 18
Day 82 to 84
Miles:  25+10+0
Total Miles:  1197

The Sierra City general store

My feet are still hurting after a week off and with the new Brook's Cascadia 7's that I picked up in Reno, but they are improving.  On July 16th I hiked solo all day, passing Fall Risk a couple of times but not catching the others who left the P. Grubb hut early the prior day.  I camped alone just pas Jackson Meadows Reservoir that night, just ten miles shy of Sierra City!

The Red Moose inn
Sierra City is one of my favorite spots on the trail!  A small mountain town - you can't make it out from the trail until you are on the highway.  After a short road walk to town I immediately spot the Red Moose Inn right off the highway in the center of town.  The owner opens rooms and space in the back for hiker camping, and closes the Inn to non-hiker customers during the peak of the hiking season.  Down the street a block or so is the town grocery store serving sandwiches and burgers and providing a comfortable benches in the front for patrons to hang out and eat.  After stopping by the Red Moose Inn I stopped by the store and ordered the "Gut Buster" burger and a blackberry shake.  I finished both, but it was a struggle near the end.  Also down the street is the Old Town Inn - and tonight is Taco Tuesday!

July 18th - I managed to open my eyes just enough to see that the sun was out, and then I recognized the searing pain and nausea.  I wasn't planning on taking a full zero but last night's drinking at the bar down the street put my head in a spin that did not stop until late the following day.  At one point I managed to sit up in my sleeping bag, felt a swoon of bad feelings in my gut, and immediately laid back down.  I knew I was going to throw up it was just a matter of when and where.  I walked up the hill to the inn and sat down at a plate of pancakes and coffee - only finishing one pancake before getting up and making a b-line to the bathroom where I promptly threw up in the sink - pancakes and beer!  Not able to eat, I went back down to my sleeping bag and slept again for another hour.

Hikers and locals in Sierra City
Last night was fun - no doubt.  Power Nap, LB, Lightweight and a new girl I had not met drank beer and the occasional shot of whisky and shot pool with the owner.  LB fended off come-ons from a local who slipped him a love note, while Power Nap, who had hiked the Appalachian Trail before he started the PCT, encouraged me about my own experience on this, my first long-distance hike.  The night ended after the usual closing time with several rounds of whisky courtesy of the owner followed by beers on the house.  A final found of pool with the owner and it was time to walk back to the Inn.  On the way back, near the Inn, LB was holding the hair of the young female hiker on the side of the road.  I offered help but nothing could be done except to wait it out - at least she would feel immediate relief.  My relief would need to wait until the morning.


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