Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 92 - Drakesbad and Volcanic Gysers

July 26
Day 92
Miles:  18
Total Miles:  1353

Jubel the Outlaw at Boiling Springs Lake

After the amazing breakfast at the Pipers, we have just 18.5 miles to Drakesbad Guest Ranch in Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Drakesbad takes care of thru-hikers.  After serving their paying guests in their restaurant, they bring the food left un-consumed out to hikers on large platters.  For a mere $5 (or was it $10?) they fed us all we could eat of the turkey, bread rolls, veggies, bean salad, etc.  Joining Jubel and I was Lava Goat, Sierra and Happy Feet (both section hikers).

Before Drakesbad we passed by some incredible volcanic features:  geysers, mud pots and boiling springs.  Lassen Park is one of the most active of the Cascade Range, which forms one part of the pacific Ring of Fire.

Jubel Photographing Terminal Geyser

Drakesbad Guest Ranch - Lassen National Park

Lassen Peak


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PCT Northern Terminus
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