Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 40 - Okie Girl

June 4, 2012
Day 40
Miles: 20
Total Miles: 651

I got an early start this morning, started climbing at 5:30 up from Willow Spring Road (I think), and was rewarded with some amazing views.

At the end of the twenty miles today, at Walker Pass Campground, another trail angel - Okie Girl - had tents setup and was feeding hikers soda, beer, chips and lots of other good grub.  She gave me a ride into a small town, Lake Isabella, where she dropped me off at a cafe with a two-sided list of milkshake flavors.  I enjoyed a cheesecake/chocolate milkshake and a hot beef sandwich with potato salad.  That evening, back at the camp, Okie Girl fed us rice with breaded chicken and beer.  The wind picked up and did not stop all night.  I hunkered down in my tent and made the best of it while the wind flapped my tent all night long.


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PCT Northern Terminus

PCT Northern Terminus
On September 30, 2012 I reached the Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Thanks to everybody who supported and followed my journey. It was a life-changing experience!